Martha Vargas

Martha Vargas

Serenity Mindset Cultivator

Valentina Calderón

Valentina Calderón

Serenity Lifestyle Alchemist

Our purpose is to accompany those who are ready to transform their lives and take responsibility for their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual growth and wellbeing. 

Martha Vargas has been a Certified PSYCH-K®️ Instructor since 2010 and has taught to hundreds of people in Latin America. She also helps those who do not wish to attend a workshop through private in-person or online sessions.

Martha´s lifelong personal search for inner peace is the basis for her motivation to help others find their true essence and a more authentic way of being, so they can have a positive effect on their environment (family, work, friends, community).

Before Facilitating and teaching PSYCH-K®️, Martha worked as Director of her family´s company for 24 years in the marketing research field, which gives her a thorough business and entrepreneurial background, as well as a deep understanding of what drives human behavior. 

Martha´s partner in this project is her daughter, Valentina Calderón, with a BA in Psychology, a BS in Business Management, and a Master´s degree in Digital Marketing. For the past 2 years, Valentina has developed her own online marketing company, supporting individuals and companies who strive to serve their clients through a higher purpose. Her expertise in the online marketing business combined with her skills as a psychologist as well as her 11 years of training as a PSYCH-K®️ Facilitator, is essential in the development of the necessary communication campaigns to reach those who are ready to transform their lives with what Serenity Life has to offer. 

Martha´s extensive experience with PSYCH-K®️ and the solid relations built with a team of highly trained PSYCH-K®️ Facilitators, who work independently, they are all committed to supporting the growth and development those who come to Serenity Life to transform their life.


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